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Petra Carpenter

During the 2nd lockdown of the Corona crisis, when my permanent makeup practice was forced to close for 12 weeks, I decided to build a webshop in which I sell 100% natural skincare products and pedicure products against fungal nails, among other things. 

Because I myself have sensitive skin and easily suffer from itching due to the substances in bottle soap and shampoo, I had been looking for an alternative for some time. I have found that in the brands that I sell in my webshop. I use the products from Azur, Totaalshea and Aromaesti every day and the itching is gone, my hair looks very good so I believe in the products and that's why I can sell them. 


Beautiful, handmade products


Azur makes high-quality products in a traditional way that are 100% natural. The products are free of dnatural ingredients, they are not packaged in plastic and do not contain palm oil. 

The colors come from plants or clay, scents from essential oils.

The raw materials in all Azur products, such as olive oil, cocoa butter or sweet almond oil, are of high quality and are selected with great care. This creates a positive effect on the skin and a pleasant experience of scent and softness.

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.


Aromaesti shampoobars
From Greece with Love


Our shampoo bars from the Aromaesti brand are produced by hand in Greece and, like our other 100% soaps, are natural, palm oil-free, animal-friendly and all of them are gems for your hair. We have a shampoo bar for every hair type. Whether you have colored hair, limp hair, oily hair, dry hair or curls. Something for everyone
The colors come from plants or clay, scents from essential oils.

HelemaalShea solid conditioner alle haartypes SOFTnaturals
Made in Holland

Totally Shea

Totally Shea's natural soaps are handmade according to the cold process method. This way of making soap means that you mix vegetable oils (we don't use palm oil!) and butters with lye. Lye is a mixture of water with NaOH (sodium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide). The oils, butters and lye enter the saponification process. Nothing remains of the lye after the saponification process and the drying period of the soap (and is therefore not on the ingredients list). And the saponification process creates natural glycerin. This is naturally present in every bar of cold process soap, so we do not add it as a separate ingredient.

The end result: a beautiful bar of soap, a fantastic cleaning product!

HelemaalShea solid conditioner alle haartypes SOFTnaturals
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