• Nanolash eyelash serum


    With Nanolash eyelash serum one step away from beautiful eyelashes!

    Do you want natural lashes that amaze with their length, vibrant black color and spectacular fullness? It is now possible! Just apply every day for a month and you'll get the makeover you've always wanted.

  • Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap

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    Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap

    sea buckthorn oil comes from the seeds and pulp of the sea buckthorn berry. Sea buckthorn berries grow on sea buckthorn, a large shrub with large spines.

    The oil of the sea buckthorn berry has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and carotenoids. It improves the elasticity of the skin and ensures that the moisture level is maintained.

    • The soap is enriched with wheat germ oil which ensures a radiant, supple and healthy skin.
    • The scent of the soap is a combination of grapefruit, patchouli, may chang (litsea), palmarosa and tea tree essential oil.
    • Totalshea facial soap has a rich foam, is gentle on the skin, has a purifying and healing effect on red, irritated or dry skin and can be used daily.
    • Suitable for all skin types.
    • Weight: 100 to 120 grams. The soap is made and cut by hand, so no soap is the same and the appearance and weight can vary per soap.
    • This artisan soap is 100% natural, contains no parabens, SLS or other synthetic additives.
  • Konjac Sponge


    The konjac sponge has been the most natural thing in the world in Japan for 1500 years. But the sponge has not been known to us for very long. the konjac sponge is a semi-circular sponge made from the konjac potato, a vegetable that is eaten a lot in Asia. This sponge is 100% vegetable and contains no additives. By holding it under the tap, the sponge becomes soft and you can clean your face with it.

  • HelemaalShea solid deodorant peper & sandelhout

    Solid deodorant black pepper & sandalwood


    This 100% natural, sustainable and vegan solid deodorant is made with organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil and absorbent bentonite clay. No baking soda is used, making the deodorant very suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Hand soap triple mint

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    This fresh hand soap in a beautiful aqua blue color with essential oils of peppermint, fir, juniper, cedar wood, spearmint and kaolin clay gently purifies and absorbs excess sebum and refines the pores.

  • Balm Beaute by SOFTnaturals.nl

    Balm Beauté


    Balm Beauté

    A versatile, silky balm that supports and strengthens the skin barrier. Suitable for all skin types, including extremely sensitive (eczema) skin.

  • Sale! Wild Woods SOFTnaturals

    Gift set Black Beauty Facebar + Squalane & Blueberry moisturizer


    Because we are so excited about these two products that complement each other so perfectly, we have made a gift set of them. Our delicious facial cleanser “Black Beauty” and our moisturizer Squalane & Blueberry in a delicious package. Gift it to yourself or someone else.




    This odorless, luxurious moisturizer consists of nourishing, 100% natural ingredients so that you can look radiant every day. It absorbs quickly. It softens, softens and moisturizes the skin. Suitable for the most sensitive skin. It really makes your skin super soft and hydrated. Because Squalane restores the natural balance of the skin, it gives the skin back what it naturally contains. For example, dry skin becomes less dry, oily skin becomes less oily and beautiful skin gets an even more beautiful appearance. Our squalane is 100% pure and comes from Portuguese olives.

  • Azur Body & hair oil by softnaturals.nl

    Body & Hair oil


    This body & hair oil works wonders for even the most sensitive skin. With its size of 200ml. take a long time with it!

    Our body + hair oil full of vitamins is intensely moisturizing and is suitable for all skin types. In addition, it also improves the firmness and suppleness of the skin. Because the oil absorbs quickly, it does not leave a greasy layer. And even more fun, the oil is also extremely suitable to use in your hair, for example before going to sleep. Shower the next morning and your hair will be beautifully shiny and soft to the touch.

  • Aleppo soap with red clay (scrub soap)


    Aleppo soap with red clay (scrub soap)

    Aleppo scrub soap with red clay. Your skin becomes soft and radiant again by the application of the slightly abrasive effect of the red clay.

    Composition: olive oil, red clay, laurel oil*, soda, water.

    *Laurel oil: oil that is pressed from the berries of the laurel tree.

    Usage: The skin remains soft and smooth due to the moisturizing properties of olive oil. Regular use can improve the appearance of the skin, supported by the natural ingredients. Traditionally used in Syria for skin problems and impurities.

    Let the soap dry after use, preferably on a soap dish.

  • Black Beauty Facebar SOFTnaturals

    Facial Soap Black Beauty (Azur)


    A special, truly exclusive and much-loved facial soap (facebar). The soap is black, because of the charcoal (activated charcoal). Charcoal is an extremely popular ingredient in the world of (natural) skin care. It can penetrate deep into the pores, where it binds to dirt and thus cleans the skin very thoroughly. Tea Tree oil is anti-inflammatory and has a vitalizing effect. Lavender oil is said to reduce redness and revive the skin.

    Also ideal for acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay gently purifies the skin, absorbs excess sebum and refines the pores. Although the recipe is specifically designed for the face, it can of course also be used for the body.

    About our face bar with charcoal

    Yes, they really do exist, special facial soaps! These soaps have a unique formula, which makes them extra mild. For example, it contains a high percentage of avocado oil (lots of vitamin E) and olive oil. Due to our unique recipe, it will clean very thoroughly, but gently. Azur soaps do not dry out the skin! Unlike a normal supermarket soap, it contains extra oil molecules. These have not reacted in the chemical reaction to form soap. The remaining oil molecules that remain behind take care of the skin. Perfect for (twice) daily cleansing of the face and neck. If you are not into facial care, the soap is also extremely suitable for body and hands.

    How to use?

    Wet the soap and foam it in your hand. Then put the bar of soap away and massage the foam into the face. Avoid the eye area. Rinse with water, then treat with the day/night facial care products.

    Make sure the soap can dry well. This guarantees the high quality and ensures that the soap lasts a long time. Therefore, use a suitable soap dish or bag. We have beautiful in our range. Just take a look at the 'accessories'.

    All Azur soaps are packaged in recycled paper labels.

    Weight: approx. 100 grams. Everything is hand carved so weight may vary slightly.

    Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, saponified avocado oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified shea butter, water, glycerin, saponified cocoa butter, saponified castor oil, charcoal powder, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, kaolin clay

    Ingredients INCI: Sodium olivate, Sodium avocadate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium shea butterate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium cocao butterate, Sodium castorate, Charcoal powder, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) Herb oil, Kaolin, Limonene*, Linalol * (*naturally present in essential oil)

  • Sale! Cosmetische Arganolie SOFTnaturals

    Cosmetic Argan Oil

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    Cosmetic Argan Oil

    Our cosmetic Argan oil is one in its purest form. The oil is packed in an airless bottle and therefore easy to dose. It is virtually unbreakable and oxygen free. A super easy pump bottle that is handy for in your bag or for travel. Take care of your face, hair and nails. Our Cosmetic Argan Oil is pressed in the Netherlands. For this we use the best Argan nuts from Morocco, which is unique and ensures that we guarantee the best quality and purity. The seeds are pressed, filtered and packed at Atlas in Leiden, so that no quality can be lost.

    Our cosmetic Argan oil intensively moisturizes, firms and repairs the skin and is suitable for the face, body and hair. For example, use it neat on your face before going to sleep or as a serum over or under your night cream for that extra boost. Your skin will thank you. A bottle of argan oil lasts a long time because you only need very little of it.
    Argan oil is also called Moroccan gold. This is because of its special composition (with vitamin E, phenols, carotene and monounsaturated fatty acids) and the effects on both skin and hair. Argan oil is therefore one of the most nourishing oils you can think of.
  • Facial Soap Activated Charcoal & Lemongrass

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    Facial soap Activated charcoal & Lemongrass

    Handmade soap with essential oil from lemongrass (also called lemongrass) and a touch of ginger. The soap is black because of the activated carbon which is very effective for a blemished skin such as facial skin that suffers from blackheads and acne. Activated carbon powder attracts impurities and thus thoroughly purifies the skin.

    Ingredients: saponified coconut oil*, saponified olive oil, saponified sunflower oil, glycerin, water, saponified cocoa butter*, saponified castor oil, lemongrass essential oil, kaolin clay, ginger essential oil, activated charcoal powder.

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