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    Our ultrasonic diffuser is designed to revitalize the air of your indoor space with 100% natural essential oils. The heat-free technology protects the integrity of the oils, so you can enjoy maximum aromatherapeutic benefits. With its 400ml content, it is suitable for rooms up to 25 m2

    Create the desired atmosphere by adding 3-10 drops of essential oil and choosing the mist time

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    Diffuser Bullet light colored


    This beautifully shaped diffuser bullet looks a bit like a bullet. He diffuses essential oils in a constant way or at an interval. Fill it with 400ml of water and an oil to your taste.

    By using the right oil for the right time, you can relax, be uplifted by it or (in the bedroom) sleep better. It is an asset to your home.

    With 7 different colors you can even set the mood in terms of color to your liking.

  • Patchouli essential oil


    Patchouli essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Is known for its caring properties and has a relieving effect on skin irritations, colds, headaches, stress and anxiety.

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