• Complete kuur bij kalknagels SOFTnaturals

    Complete fungal nail cure

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    I myself had a fungal nail (yes really a pedicure with a fungal nail) and it took me really hard to solve the problem and get a healthy nail again. I started by having a fellow pedicurist grind my nail very thin with a machine. Then I started using a specially developed gel and also the H7 cream for the feet, because the fungus that causes fungal nails actually always starts on the feet. I had to use the cure for about a year until the nail was completely beautiful again. It is very important to continue the treatment for at least a few months.

  • Ureumline H7 foot cream for fungal nails

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    Ureumline H7 foot cream for fungal nails

    Use Urea-H7 as the skin milk during the care of fungal nails. We speak of problem skin if you suffer from dry skin during the care of fungal nails. Urea-H7 is the special version of Urea-10 in which the special mix has been added to substances that are used in the care of fungal nails. You can easily spray your shoes and socks with Urealine Skin & Nail Spray in case you are caring for fungal nails.

    Based on the effect of the special mix of ingredients in this almost fat-free skin milk, in combination with the scientifically determined levels of Urea and Allantoin, Urea-7 supports the regenerative capacity of problem skin. Take care of dry problem skin daily with Urea-H7 and help vulnerable rough skin to become soft, smooth and supple again.


  • Intensive curegel bij kalknagels softnaturals

    Urealine intensive cure gel (fungal nail)

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    35 ml

    Take active care of your fungal nails with this Ureumline intensive cure gel.
    The gel absorbs in seconds and the nail does not stick to socks and clothing.

    Urealine Intensive Cure is applied daily as a contact gel to the nail plate of the brittle nail and rubbed in lightly.
    The adjacent nails can be taken along when rubbing in.
    The unique formula of Ureumline Intensive Cure supports a deep penetration of the active substances into the nail structure.

    TIP: It can be very helpful to have the nail plate thinned by the pedicurist before applying Intensive Cure to the nail.

    We also have a cure where you also treat the feet and shoes, which is more intensive and therefore even more effective.